COVID-19: Protected and working by your side!


March 2020

Despite the confinement measures, all the lawyers of AMAR LEGAL continue to be available, committed and protected thanks to a remote work environment.

In 1995, Sophie AMAR was the author of a postgraduate research paper entitled: "From Home-workers to Telecommuting: from Dream to Reality".

At that time, there was no text regulating home-based work, which had no legal status. Only a few precursor groups of companies, such as AXA, had experienced "work in shared locations" as it was called at that time.

In only one week, teleworking became the worldwide standard for a new work organization. It is our professional bastion against the social exclusion imposed by this pandemic affecting our Society.

With the COVID-19, the Digital Revolution is consolidated in almost the same way as the Industrial Revolution was born out of the Black Plague.

As a matter of fact, this “Digital Rescue” is only transitory and limited. During this Pandemic, how will you be able to organize your businesses? At the end of this crisis, what will become the small and medium-sized companies, the artisans, the workers, the small retailers, and the self-employed people (regulated or not...)?

The lawyers of AMAR LEGAL remain committed to provide you with the assistance you need to deal with this challenging transition period.