Serving companies’ global strategies with solutions for their HR challenges

The firm


Amar Legal was  founded by three partners who share the same approach of employment law, possess complementary skills as lawyers and are driven by a strong team spirit for over 10 years.

Amar Legal, daily partner for its clients in the HR aspects, provides a tailored service for a  fully integrated employment law in the client’s overall  strategy and not a brake  on its growth

When applied with clear-sightedness, employment law can be a contributing factor in the company’s performance and attractiveness as also enable the HR Departments to anticipate and manage  conflicts.

General Management of a company or a Group of companies expects from its HR departments and its lawyers that they  implement its  decisions in compliance with the employees’ rights and within the required timing while avoiding that excessive precautions jeopardize the company’s business and plans…

The understanding of all these issues that companies and managers have to face  guide the way Amar Legal assists its clients.

Amar Legal focuses on finding practical solutions that combine compliance with legal and contractual obligations and meet  the actual needs and expectations of its clients.

Amar Legal has an acute sense of the level of service it provides to its clients and knows the importance of always being extremely reactive in an area as sensitive as employment law.

The firm provides French employment law advice and litigation assistance to French and International clients.

With its  recognized know-how in all areas of employment law and its pragmatic approach of business issues, Amar Legal has an in-depth knowledge regarding the anticipation and the management of trouble linked to the increasing use of NTIC in the workplace.